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Access to the website

Creation of your account

Access and use of the website

Content provided by the user on the website

When content that is uploaded or shared on the website does not meet content standards or requires clarification

Change in procedures and state of the technology

Company as intermediary

Conditions, forms and options of payment

Delivery of promotional codes

Conduct of surveys

Limitation of liability


Links and content to third parties


The access and use of the contents, platform, products, program, broadcast channels, software, elements and services (together, “Services”) offered by the website www.aquanetwork.com (together, “Website”) is governed by these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, “Terms”) described below, as well as by the legislation that may be applicable in the Republic of Chile and, in silence of those or of it, by the standards generally accepted by the electronic commerce. Consequently, all visits and all transactions and uses of the Services that are made on the Website, as well as their legal effects, will be governed by these rules and subject to the legislation and standards indicated.

The Website and its Services are provided by the company Global Integrated Solutions Chile SpA (hereinafter, “Company”, “Our” or “We”), domiciled at Agustinas Nº 814, office 906, Santiago, Chile. The terms “You”, “you”, “User”, “your” or “your” refer to natural or legal persons, as appropriate, who for any reason access and/or use the Website.

Please read these Terms carefully before accessing and/or using the Services on our Website. By accessing and/or using our Website, it will be understood that you declare that you have been informed and understood in a clear, understandable and unequivocal manner these Terms, the Cookies Policy and the Privacy Policy and, furthermore, that you agree to be subject to and fully respect both these Terms, as well as the aforementioned Policies of the Company and the applicable laws according to your jurisdiction. The Company may modify the Terms relating to this Website from time to time, and such modifications will be effective immediately upon posting of the updated Terms on the Website. If you do not wish to accept or comply with the Terms and Policies, please refrain from accessing, registering and using the Website, including any Services available on the Website.

Access to the website

The access and use of the Website does not require prior subscription or registration by you. However, access and use of most of the aspects and Services offered on our Website requires your subscription or registration and/or the payment of a price or subscription. We do not guarantee that the Website or any content included on the Website will always be available or uninterrupted. The Company may suspend, withdraw, discontinue or change all or part of the Website without prior notice.

Creation of your account

If you decide to create your User account on the Website, you agree to provide the information requested, for example, in the registration form voluntarily, accurately, complete, updated and true. In the same way, you can create a User account using the login credentials of different social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or others. If you choose to use your social media login, you consent to us accessing and using certain information from that account, including, but not limited to, your public profile.

You must be at least 18 years of age, or the age of majority in your jurisdiction if not 18, to create your account and have the legal capacity to offer your services and work. By creating your User account, it is understood that you accept and respect these Terms, the Cookies Policy, and the Privacy Policy of the Website. You understand and accept that it is prohibited to create User accounts with different names (personal or legal) in order to achieve greater visibility of your advertisement(s) or content on the Website.

You are responsible for providing and maintaining accurate, complete, truthful and up-to-date information, notwithstanding that you may update it through the Website, when necessary, guaranteeing to deliver only your information and not information from third parties. In addition, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Website login credentials and you are solely responsible for all activities that occur under those credentials. You are not authorized to transfer or sell your use or Services of the Website. If you believe that someone has gained access to your account without your authorization, please contact us immediately at contact@aquanetwork.com to protect your information.

Access and use of the website

You may access, use and create an account on the Website as a natural or legal person, in the event that you validly represent a company or other organization. By creating an account to publish job offers or other content related to employability and professional development (hereinafter, “Employer”), you understand that your account is only for the use indicated according to your capacity as Employer. In addition, you understand and accept that We can communicate your job offers to job seekers (hereinafter, “Candidates”) and give them the contact information that you have provided us, being you responsible for checking and reviewing the applications and information received. in your account, as well as in case of providing inaccurate information, of the consequences that may entail both for third parties and for the Company. You agree that the Company may add features or offer Services for interviewing and managing Candidate applications through the Website, for example, through a video conferencing system or filters, screening of applications, telephone interviews or virtual meetings. The Company does not guarantee the availability of said Services, nor the identity, qualifications and concurrence of the Candidates. The Company may add different labels or badges to job postings and Employer names, for example, “Featured Post” or “Inside the best companies to work for”. Similarly, the company may request the Company to add a label or badge to its profile, content or advertisement which may be subject to payment and availability. Also, the Company may offer to feature your job advertisement or other information, which may be subject to a payment or subscription plan.

By creating a Candidate account or profile on the Website, you will be able to search and apply for job offers posted by companies on the Website or through links included in such advertisements. You understand that your account is for personal and non-business use only and you acknowledge and agree that the Company has no responsibility for the content generated by third parties or the result of your application, nor in the event that you leave our Website and visit a site third party website. Visitors to the Website will be able to see the job offers published by companies and profiles and/or Curriculum Vitae (hereinafter, “CV”) of Candidates without the need to create an account on the Website. The Company has no obligation to verify the validity and legality of job offers posted on the Website. Likewise, not to publish job advertisements appropriate to your preferences or other related information on the Website or in your profile, since the employer that publishes the job offer or related information is solely responsible for said content.

You understand and agree that by creating and uploading a CV on the Website, you allow us to inform you of job advertisements relevant to you, convert said CV or other information to another file format, associate it with your profile and account, communicate your CV to companies seeking Candidates and provide them with the contact information you have provided to us. Also, the Company may offer you Services to enhance your CV or other documentation related to a job application or interview. In order to optimally fulfill our service, you understand and accept that the Company collects all your application documentation to be delivered to the companies upon their request, and you are solely responsible for checking and reviewing the applications and information generated through of your account on the Website, including the information contained in your CV. You have the possibility to delete your CV. You are responsible for providing inaccurate information in your CV or in other content generated by you and, likewise, for the consequences that said inaccuracies may have for both third parties and the Company. You agree that the Company may add features or offer Services to interview and manage your applications through the Website, for example, through a video conferencing system or filters, screening of applications, telephone interviews or virtual meetings. The Company does not guarantee the availability of said Services or the identity, qualifications and concurrence of the companies. The Company may add different labels or badges to your profile or CVs, for example, “Outstanding worker”, “Actively looking for”, “Immediate availability” or “Availability of transfer”. Similarly, the Candidate may request the Company to add a label or badge to their profile or content which may be subject to payment and/or availability. Also, the Company may implace limits on the number of applications you can make, the capacity and functionalities of your profile, as well as offer to increase said limits, capacities and functionalities in exchange for a payment or subscription plan. You may be invited to a virtual interview by a company or employer using the Website’s video conferencing service. You are solely responsible for accepting said invitation and you must understand that the company or employer offering the job could record said interview, where you can accept to be recorded or abandon said virtual interview. You acknowledge and agree that the Company is not responsible for any damages or claims arising from said virtual interview, including its recording if any.

Users may access and use different communication spaces on the Website, such as blogs, message boards, chat areas, news groups, forums, email and messaging systems, requests and other areas or means of communication that will allow communicate with other users and obtain information on different topics. You agree to access and use the Website using the interface or means provided by the Company or specifically authorized by separate written agreement by the Company. You must understand and accept that all publications and content that you upload in communication spaces are published under your credentials (name or username) and are your sole and exclusive responsibility, for which the Company will not be responsible for your publications, content or activities related to the use of communication spaces. Likewise, you are responsible for downloading material and your actions, said content, statements and opinions that you make on the Website or on other channels related to the Website (Website accounts on social networks) and, likewise, you will be responsible for the possible consequences of their actions on the Website. You agree to comply with all applicable laws when accessing and using the Website. You refrain from using the Website for illicit and/or unauthorized purposes or effects, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, and unrelated to the use of the Website and what is established in these Terms. Likewise, you may not harm, defame, harass, stalk, threaten, abuse, annoy, create inconvenience, impersonate another User or otherwise violate the legal and usability rights of third parties, including Company personnel. In addition, you will not tamper with, damage, disable, gain unauthorized access to, reverse engineer, upload harmful code or software, copy, tamper with, decompile, disassemble, overburden, or impair any aspect of the Website or prevent the normal functionality of the Website. You will not use a robot, script, manual or automatic process or device, web spider to crawl, extract information, data mine, collect user names and email addresses, or index the Website in any way. You may not visually or otherwise modify or remove the copyrights, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights owned by the Company. You will not be able to register under another username or identity after your account has been blocked, terminated or closed. You agree not to falsify, impersonate, mask or disguise IP addresses, emails, User identity or any other means of identification of Users or computer equipment. You will not allow an unauthorized person to have access to your account and personal information of third parties without their knowledge and authorization. You agree to use candidate or employer information in accordance with these Website Terms and Policies.

You should be aware that the Company may in some situations require proof of your identity to access or use the Website, and you agree that you may be prohibited from accessing or using the Website if you refuse to provide such proof of identity. . The Company uses the information it collects to keep the Website secure and prevent fraud, so we may share information about you to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential security threats physical or other rights and interests of any person, violations of the Website Terms or as required by law. Likewise, the Company may use the information collected to address queries and complaints made through emails or contact forms by the User related to our Website.

The programming code developed by, or on behalf of, the Company to generate and operate its pages, as well as the content provided by the Website, such as information, text, graphics, images, logos, software, functionalities, functional architecture, databases, industrial designs, domain names or other material is the intellectual property of the Company and is protected by international treaties on copyright and applicable laws in Chile. The unauthorized use, adaptation, reproduction and/or commercialization of the indicated intellectual property may be penalized by the current legislation in each jurisdiction. You will not copy or adapt the programming code developed by, or on behalf of, the Company to generate and operate its pages, which is protected by the applicable legislation in force in each jurisdiction.

Content provided by the user on the website

Once you have created your account following the instructions above (for example, being of legal age), you will be able to upload written content (comments, job advertisements, links, logos, images, audios and/or any other material (collectively, “Content”) on the Website to be published on the Website or shared with other Users in its sole discretion. You represent and warrant that the Content provided by you on the Website is owned by you as the creator and/or or that you have obtained the corresponding legal authorizations from the authors of the same.By uploading Content on the Website, you grant to the Company all rights, licenses, consents and authorizations of an irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, transferable and royalty-free nature on right to use, reproduce (in whole or in part), distribute, display and publicly present said Content in any format and distribution or advertising channel currently known or developed stored in the future for purposes related to the business of the Website and the Company, always to the extent permitted by law; provided that the Company attempts to notify you if it will use your content for any purpose other than the Company’s and Website’s business Services. For example, a job offer can be published in any space, service, content, communication or broadcast channel owned by the Company or belonging to collaborators of the Website to increase the scope of the job announcement. However, the Company does not guarantee any reach of job postings or other User-generated content. If you wish to revoke the rights, licenses, consents and authorizations that you have granted in these Terms for said Content, please send a certified revocation request letter accompanied by a copy of your passport or national identity document to the address of the Company indicated in the Introduction of these Terms. In this letter, you must: a) request the removal of said Content, b) identify the Content in question or information sufficient to be identified by the Company, c) include full name, address, telephone number, email, signature of the person who owns the rights to said Content or person authorized to represent the owner of said Content, d) include a statement, under penalty of perjury, in which you affirm that you are the owner of the corresponding rights in said Content and e) an authorization to a person to present and carry out said request if necessary. The Company reserves the right to reformat Content as job advertisements and such Content will continue to be considered User Provided Content. The User can directly delete their Content on the Website.

You represent and warrant that when you upload content to the Website, all uploaded content will comply with the following Content Standards:

1. Be accurate, complete, true, up-to-date, genuine and not misleading or fraudulent.

2. Be relevant and appropriate.

3. Do not constitute or promote political propaganda.

4. Comply with the law, rule, ordinance or regulation applicable in Chile or in its jurisdiction from which the content is published, displayed.

5. Do not promote or carry out potentially illegal activities directly or indirectly such as pyramid schemes, situations of modern forms of slavery and human trafficking.

6. Do not deliver personal or confidential information of third parties.

7. Not contain material, images, hyperlinks or content that is or may be defamatory, libelous, obscene, harmful to minors, pornographic, aggressive, offensive, hateful, infringing, illegal, dangerous to health, inflammatory, rude or in violation of the rights, sensitivity and privacy, intellectual, industrial or any other of Users or third parties and that violate these Terms.

8. Do not constitute surveys, chain letters, pyramid schemes, investment opportunities, requests or communications of a commercial nature.

9. Content that is not interesting or constructive for the business of the Website and Company.

10. Do not constitute junk messages or “Spam” whose sending is absolutely prohibited and messages that encourage the sending of “Spam”.

11. Do not infringe the business and copyright, contractual, intellectual property or other right of a third party and the Company. For example, when said content is related to an audiovisual file, you must ensure that you have obtained all the necessary consents and authorizations on said image.

12. Do not promote discrimination based on ethnic, religious, nationality, appearance, disability, sexual orientation or age.

13. Not related to the Services provided by the Website.

14. Not have the purpose or effect of promoting, marketing, selling, advertising, discussing or commenting on businesses, services or activities of third parties who are not Users of the Website or that affect the business of the Company.

15. Not to have a threatening, insulting, questionable, abusive or invasive attitude towards the privacy of others, nor to cause annoyance, inconvenience or unnecessary anxiety to the other participants of the platform, nor to the Company.

16. Do not impersonate another person or company, or misrepresent identities or affiliations.

17. Do not use viruses, robots, corrupted files, Trojan horses, computer worms, logic bombs, programming routines or other software that may damage the operation of the Website, the operating system or third party devices. Likewise, refrain from using any content that may intercept, interfere, or extract any data or personal information.

18. Sensitive or confidential information of a third party, including personally identifiable information and trade secrets, will not be exposed.

19. Announce genuine, lawful job offers that do not involve the candidate in any type of disbursement of money or investment capital.

20. Do not advertise courses, products, services, events or other activities without prior authorization from the Company.

21. Do not duplicate job advertisements or republish advertisements that are published on the Website.

22. Do not include multiple and/or different jobs in the same job offer; Only one position will be contained per job advertisement.

23. Do not give the impression that its content emanates from the Website and/or that it has been developed, authorized or created by it (if this is not the case).

The User accepts that when accessing and/using the Website, he/she may encounter content or language that he/she considers or is potentially discriminatory, abusive, threatening, obscene or questionable from his/her opinion and, furthermore, acknowledges that the Website or Company does not have any responsibility regarding said content. Likewise, you agree that the Company has no obligation to store, publish, modify, filter or eliminate any Content generated by Users, without prejudice to the fact that it may carry out said actions with or without justifiable cause. In addition, you agree that the Company may use different methods to detect and block Content that does not comply with these Terms.

When content that is uploaded or shared on the website does not meet content standards or requires clarification

In this case, the Company may contact you to obtain more information, before publishing said Content. The User guarantees that all Content uploaded will comply with the Content Standards, and agrees to indemnify the Company for any loss or impairment, for example, of market or reputation, suffered by the Website as a result of the breach of these Terms by the user. The Company will not be responsible, nor will it be liable to any third party, for the Content uploaded by a User on the Website in all its versions and formats (for example, social network accounts). Although the Company has no obligation, it reserves the right to block, remove, modify or retain any Content (including changing, hiding, rearranging visual elements or fields) at any time that it deems does not comply with the Content Standards set forth in the these Terms and with the aim and purposes of the Website and Company. Likewise, the Company reserves the right to issue warnings, and the right to temporarily or permanently suspend (unsubscribe) from the Website without prior notice, to those who do not respect these Terms and the laws of their jurisdiction. The Company reserves the right to use all legal, police or other means at its disposal to verify or investigate whether or not you violate these Terms, the Cookies Policy or the Privacy Policy.

Change in procedures and state of the technology

The Company may modify the content, design, appearance and functionality of the Website or distribution channel currently known or developed in the future at any time, for example, for purposes of adapting to legislation or to improve the Services offered. These modifications will not necessarily imply a change of these Terms, nor will they require a new agreement between the Parties. However, in the event that the Terms should be updated or modified, said modifications will be notified in the terms and periods established by the applicable law.

The Company reserves the right to carry out all those updates that are necessary to keep the computer systems running, which may cause impediments or the temporary impossibility of using the Services of the Website by the User. To this end, the Company will make every effort to ensure that said maintenance actions take place at night or on non-working days.

The Website is offered as it has been developed (“As Is”) and in the form in which it is available at all times. To this end, the Company does not guarantee the User, expressly or implicitly, that the Website will adapt to any purpose, device, hardware or specific use, nor will it be complete, useful or adequate for their activity, free server of computer viruses and harmful problems, nor exempt from defects or errors such as delays inherent to the use of the Internet or other forms of electronic communication, since the access device is the responsibility of the user. Furthermore, the Company does not guarantee that all Services are available in all geographic areas.

Company as intermediary

The Company acts only as a platform for Users to upload, publish and share content, accordingly, the Company does not assume any responsibility for the contents, services offered and performed by Users, as well as for any Services offered by Third Parties. Likewise, the Company does not assume any responsibility for any type of agreement entered into between the Users.

Conditions, forms and options of payment

You understand and agree that certain Services on our Website may require payment for access or subscription. The Company may charge you if applicable, in various ways, depending on the Service provided, for example, according to the number of applications, impressions, clicks, among others. you can pay for the hiring, subscription, renewal of your subscription or Service according to your preference with the alternatives available and informed on our Website. The charges or values ​​do not include the applicable and corresponding taxes such as VAT or charges for international bank transfer, for which you are responsible for the payment of said taxes or charges.

If you purchase a subscription plan, you are agreeing and representing that the subscription will automatically renew upon resumption and that You will be charged by the Company on a recurring basis until you suspend or cancel your subscription plan and such cancellation is effective, for example, until next billing cycle during which you will continue to have access to the Service until the end of the current billing period. Reimbursements or delivery of credits are not contemplated for partially billed cycles according to the subscription plan contracted by the User. However, the Company may estimate refunds at its discretion, which will constitute credits in your User account or will be used to settle pending payments or fines, if any. In case of billing by the Company, the payment date will be within 15 days of the billing date.

The non-compliance or default of payment assumed by the User, will empower the Company to immediately suspend the subscribed Service or another Service until the payment is regularized, without granting the User the right to claim or indemnify. If said breach or late payment is not regularized, the Company may claim the User for the Damages caused, suspend the subscribed Service, apply fines according to the interest rates of the Central Bank of Chile plus 10% or the maximum interest allowed by law, request compensation for the cost of recovering said late payments, and terminate the contractual relationship with it, without granting the User the right to claim or indemnify. Likewise, the Company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend (unsubscribe) from the Website without prior notice, any User who manifests a reduction in their solvency capacity and/or fulfillment of their obligations with the Company.

Term of validity and termination

The Service will be provided by the Company during the term and/or conditions described in the corresponding agreement, service order and/or subscription plan signed by the User. The term of the subscription or plan will be counted in calendar days from the date of approval of the subscription or application by the Company. Once the term of validity has expired, the provision of the Service will cease immediately, without prior notice to the User. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may inform the User about the proximity of the expiration of the term of validity and/or renewal of their Service.

Delivery of promotional codes

The Company may create, at its discretion, promotional codes (“Coupons”) that may consist of credit top-ups in your Account or other benefits associated with your Account, in accordance with the additional conditions that we establish for each of the Coupons.

You agree that the Coupons must be used in compliance with the conditions established for each case and may not be duplicated, sold or transferred in any way, or made available to the general public. Coupons will not be valid and cannot be redeemed for cash.

The Company may deduct or retain the benefits derived from the use of Coupons, if their use was erroneous, fraudulent, illegal or was made in violation of its conditions or these Terms.

Conduct of surveys

Through the Website, we may invite you to participate in surveys related to our Services, tutorials, content and the Website. Likewise, the Company may invite you to participate in surveys to collect and collate your comments about a User as an employer, including working conditions, with the aim of promoting the quality of service, labor and best labor practices among its Users; and isolate dishonest Users who do not comply with these Terms. However, your participation in these surveys will be voluntary.

Limitation of liability

The Company owns the Website to which the User can access, register, subscribe, upload content, and/or display their profiles offering their contact information, service, job advertisements and products as appropriate. Likewise, the User can access and apply for job offers published by other Users, content published by other Users and the Website. The Company does not guarantee a minimum number of visits or applications by Users to job advertisements published by other Users on the Website. In no case will the Company, its affiliates, licensors, employees, agents, officers or directors, be liable for losses, for direct, indirect, foreseeable, unforeseeable or consequential damages, for lost profits, for physical and moral damage, for the loss of data, damage to property or for any other incidental, special or any other type of damage or cost (including, but not limited to: legal and attorney costs, or costs related to civil or product liability or negligence, administrative liability or of any other type; (hereinafter the “Damage”, “Damage”) suffered by the User, (including losses derived from the failure or defective functioning of the Website in all its formats or communication channels , untimely delivery of information or material, the total or partial loss or the Damage caused to the contents or other information, the total or partial detention or suspension of the Website, l to loss of operating time or income, profits, operations with Users, Website content, User-generated Content or any other reason) that are a consequence of or related to events outside the Company or improper use of the Website, understanding for improper, without the following statement being exhaustive, the use of the same in contravention of the provisions of these Terms, or the current or future regulations that replace it. Likewise, the Company will not be liable for Damages that are the consequence of a claim based on conduct or activity of the Company or of any third party due to the use of the Website provided by the Company, for any reason, unless it is derived from willful misconduct on the part of the Company.

The User accepts and acknowledges that the Company does not guarantee the identity of the Users, nor will it be liable under any circumstances to them or to third parties for any fraud related to the identity of the Users.

The Company does not supervise, monitor or confirm the licenses, qualifications, services, membership or specialties of the Users, and, in no case, will be responsible for the activities and contents carried out by the Users. In the event that the Company acquires sufficient information that leads to the assumption that a User lacks an accredited title or sufficient professional experience to understand himself as such, as well as incurs in practices of poor technical, business, professional or ethical quality, he may contact the User in order to try to gather more information about it and/or temporarily or permanently cancel and/or block your account.

The Company may supervise, monitor or control the content or notifications sent by Users through the Website, email or other means to ensure that they comply with these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. To this end, the User undertakes to indemnify the Company for the Damages that may be caused to it as a result of these notifications or communications.

The User will hold the Company fully harmless with respect to all Damages that may be incurred (a) as a result of claims by third parties in relation to the use by other Users of the Website Services, and/or (b) due to the lack of veracity or inaccuracy of the User’s statements and guarantees provided for in these Terms.

The Company is not responsible for the acts and omissions of the User, to the fullest extent permitted by law: any responsibility for any loss, death, injury or Damage that the User may suffer (directly, indirectly or consequential) in relation to a work or service contracted or arising from it, or any breach of the security conditions, is excluded. The User releases the Company, its partners, employees, directors, subsidiaries, agents and representatives from any liability and expressly waives any claim arising from or in connection with the hiring, use and sale of a work, service, function and/or or product of the Website or a third party; and any condition or warranty that would otherwise be implied by law in these working conditions (Implied Warranty) is excluded.

If you have any quality problem or disagreement with the content, behavior and/or products received from a User, we recommend that you approach the corresponding User directly. Otherwise, please contact us to report an event, communication, activity, or behavior that does not follow these Terms. When contacting us, the Company may request documentation and information that proves your identity. The foregoing will not imply in any way an early waiver of the rights that assist the consumer under Law No. 19,496, which establishes regulations on the Protection of Consumer Rights.

The content of the Website is provided “AS IS” for general information only and without express or implied warranties and although the Company makes reasonable efforts to update the information on the Website, please note that the content of the Website may be out of date in any time and the Company has no obligation to update it.


You agree to comply with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from Chile or the country in which you reside (if different) and with all local laws and rules regarding acceptable use and conduct on the Internet or any another computer network.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Company and its employees, officers, directors, shareholders, parent company, subsidiaries or affiliates and agents from any breach by you of these Terms and any claim or demand brought against the Company by any third party arising out of your breach in relation to third parties, use of the Services and / or any Content submitted, published or transmitted through the Website, including, without limitation, all claims, actions, procedures, losses, liabilities, damages, costs, expenses (including reasonable legal costs and expenses), regardless of what the Company has suffered or incurred as a result of your breach of these Terms.

Links and content to third parties

The Website in all its formats or versions may contain links and information that directs towards other websites, Users (for example, company contact information), resources provided and controlled by third parties. The Company has no control over the content of such websites, information or resources, and therefore assumes no responsibility for them, or for any loss or Damage that may arise from their use. If you decide to access them, it is at your risk and subject to the Terms and Conditions of use of said third-party websites and the respective privacy and cookie policies.

You may link the home page or other subdomain of another website to your employer profile and/or job posting, provided you do so in a way that is fair and legal and does not damage our reputation, business, or take advantage of it and/or damage the rights of third parties; You must not establish a link in such a way as to suggest any form of association, approval or endorsement by the Company where none exists; And the Company reserves the right to withdraw linking permission without prior notice.